Top Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial Limited Edition Watch CBL2116.FC6497 Review

This year when green is dominant, I always feel sorry for this trend if I don’t come to a piece. Some readers asked about the green chronograph before, and the Monaco (Monaco series) of the TAG Heuer green disc flashed in his mind. It is not surprising that the classic heating door color is sold short when it is released-but don’t sigh, because just a few days ago, the Monaco series titanium special edition was officially launched, with its cute panda eyes. Many brands have classic models that have laid the foundation for the world. For TAG Heuer, the Monaco series has an unshakable position-it has been active for decades, and recently it has been frequently launched with special models. On March 3, 1969, TAG Heuer simultaneously released this series in New York and Geneva. The metallic blue dial, red and light blue hands, the square case and the crown on the left are all subversive designs. Language. The famous Calibre 11 movement (self-winding chronograph movement) was also jointly developed by the three major watch manufacturers at that time.Top Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Watches

This series is named after the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, and it is still closely related to various competitions. Classics are never just because of the long years of existence, but also the stories that people talk about-for example, in 1971, the legendary movie star Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) in the movie “Le Mans” (Le Mans) Wearing Monaco series watch photogenic. At that time, the watch was designed by Jack Heuer himself. After the filming, Steve McQueen gave the watch to Haig Alltounian, the chief mechanic of the film and his personal mechanic. It is said that Haig Alltounian originally wanted to refuse, but the name has been engraved on the watch. The words “TO HAIG/LE MANS 1970” are engraved on the back of the watch. This is the year when the shooting ended.Replica Tag Heuer Watches Reviews

Some people may think that the auctioned watch is also far away from us because of the special star effect, but in fact, we are absolutely no stranger to this watch. For example, Jason Statham wore this watch in the “Gold Heist”, and in the fifth season of the more famous American drama “Breaking Bad”, Lao Bai also wore the Monaco series of watches. The Monaco series has had a lot of interpretations over the years. In addition to the bold red and green series we just saw, it has also played with color contrast. For example, in 2018, TAG Heuer cooperated with Gulf Oil International to launch the Monaco series Gulf watch. The dial adds the well-known light blue and orange striped racing colors of Gulf Oil. The leather strap is also in petroleum blue with orange top stitching. Last year, the Monaco watch was installed again after more than 20 years. Stainless steel bracelet. This is a black radiating sun pattern dial model. Swiss Tag Heuer Monaco Replica Watches

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