Top Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 Senna Special Editions Mens Watch CAZ1012.BA0883 Reviews

TAG Heuer has been known as the Swiss avant-garde accurate watch model, which insists on creating accurate timing tools and exquisite watch. TAG Heuer Formula 1 is a classic sports watch series, this series of watches combined with F 1 sports inspiration, dynamic and stylish. Elton Senna is a famous Brazilian racing driver who won the F1 World Championship three times and was the most popular driver in the history of the car. And this Tag Heuer Senna special edition chronograph to dynamic tough shape, to show the driver’s racing charm, pay tribute to the legendary driver F1 car history. Watch the side of the device is the crown and two timing buttons. Located in the center of the screw-in crown made of stainless steel, the outer layer of titanium carbide coating, the top of the crown decorated Tag Heuer brand logo, and the side of the pit pattern modification, easy to grasp; on both sides of the timing buttons are For the cylindrical, polished fine, comfortable touch.Top Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches

This very dynamic watch to watch the shape of stainless steel, with stainless steel speed bezel, the case is equipped with quartz movement. Its low-key charming silver-gray dial outer edge sometimes marked and minute scale, the middle of the pointer; and in the dial design dial and small seconds. Watch with a chain of stainless steel for the same type of strap. This watch not only has excellent timing function, but also has a water depth of 200 meters of the function, the style of dynamic and tough, yet stylish style. Watch is the use of stainless steel to create a closed bottom, engraved on the bottom of the logo with the brand logo and “Senna” logo, highlight the brand sports and fashion racing tribute. Case carrying a quartz movement, stable and accurate. Stainless steel to create the case diameter 43 mm, sleek shape and dynamic, beautiful lines, after careful grinding and grinding after the show a delicate texture, very metallic texture. Watch titanium carbide coated steel bezel shape tough and stylish, which has a “Senna” logo and black speed scale.Replica Tag Heuer Watches

Watch is with gray dial tone low-key elegant, the outer edge of the mosaic with a coated time scale, the middle of the pointer, while the central red pointer is the timing of small seconds. Dial three o’clock position for decorated with “Senna” logo small seconds, the other two small dial is the chronograph dial; in the dial four o’clock position date display window display date. Dial three o’clock position is a compact little seconds, dial with vortex pattern and “Senna” logo decoration; in the dial outside the white scale, the red button in the red coating. In the dial at nine o’clock position of the small dial is 30 minutes chronograph dial, the dial has a white scale and red Arabic numerals, the central placement of a red painted small pointer; dial with vortex-like modification, very delicate, and large dial Form a distinction. Watch dial six o’clock position is 10 hours timer disk, and 1/10 second function, dial when the red and white scale, the central vortex-like decoration. Under the small dial printed with brand and series name.Swiss Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica Watches


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