Top Replica TAG Heuer Connected 2020 45mm Watch SBG8A10.BT6219 Review

In addition to the new swimming application, TAG Heuer has also renewed and upgraded the existing running application, adding excellent functions designed specifically for indoor running. Through the renewed and upgraded application, indoor runners can see at a glance the zone of their individual heart rate. Later, when the exercise is over, the runner can enter the total distance recorded by the treadmill into the smart watch, and the program will automatically calculate the pace. The TAG Heuer sports application can be automatically updated at night via Wi-Fi. In addition, users can also enter the app store on the watch, click on “My Apps” to manually install available updates. For the modern life advocating sports, this smart watch is not only a reliable tool that can accurately measure sports performance, but also a stylish and practical accessory that highlights the distinctive characteristics of TAG Heuer.Top Replica Tag Heuer Connected Watches

For users who pay more attention to personal heart rate during exercise, another novel feature in this update is a dedicated heart rate display independently designed and developed by TAG Heuer. Just by looking at the watch, the user can obtain the personal heart rate zone and the maximum heart rate percentage. The heart rate zone is divided into five levels from warm-up (first zone) to peak (fifth zone). Runners can choose different levels to adjust the training intensity according to their cardiovascular health goals. The mobile device application can also provide comprehensive analysis results after running exercises, including color heart rate graphs and exercise durations in each zone. In addition to running, the heart rate tracker can also be used for various indoor and outdoor aerobic exercises.Replica Tag Heuer Watches Reviews

Finally, the “interval time” measurement function is suitable for users who like to switch between different swimming styles during exercise or who want to learn more about the variables and consistency of sports performance. When the rest is over, the “interval time” measurement will automatically restart. Although the OLED touch screen cannot be used underwater, swimming enthusiasts can still start, stop or pause the measurement with a mechanical button. Seamless operation inside and outside the swimming pool. The TAG Heuer Connected smart watch is waterproof to 50 meters/5ATM and is suitable for shallow water activities in the swimming pool, but it is not recommended for diving or water skiing. After use, please use running water to wash and dry.Swiss Tag Heuer Connected Replica Watches

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