Top Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Three-Hand Day-Date 41mm Automatic Watch WBN2010.BA0640 Review

Out of his love for simple and pure style and modern design, Mr. Jack Heuer hopes to create a TAG Heuer Carrera series chronograph with a simple design and balanced proportions. The concise design and balanced proportions are the characteristics that a high-quality chronograph should have in the eyes of racers, because they need to be able to read the time at a glance in a fierce race. In 1962, Mr. Jack Heuer, then CEO of TAG Heuer, learned about the prestigious Carrera Panamericana-one of the most dangerous motorsports in the world. “Carrera” in Spanish means road, race, occupation or profession. When Jack Heuer heard about “Carrera”, he became very interested in it, thinking that it would undoubtedly be the ideal choice for a new watch name.Top Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Watches

Mr. Nicholas Biebuyck, Heritage Director of TAG Heuer, said: “TAG Heuer’s pursuit of convenience in reading began in 1958. At that time, Mr. Jack Heuer regrettably fell from first to third in a Swiss rally. , The reason was that he could not accurately read the time on the dashboard timer. After that, Mr. Jack Heuer decided to focus on and overcome this problem. Based on his love for modern design, he created a watch with outstanding legibility . And this is the reason why the appearance of the Carrera series launched in 1963 is completely different from other watches produced by the brand before. It can be seen that the Carrera series focuses on beautiful proportional design and appearance. Its use is very different. Concise and crisp design language, only three lines of text are presented on the dial: Carrera, Heuer and Swiss Made, so as to prevent the wearer from being inaccurate due to extra decorations during fast driving Risk of distraction or distraction while reading.”Replica Tag Heuer Watches Reviews

The new generation of TAG Heuer Carrera series three-hand watches provide a variety of sizes to choose from to suit the various uses and tastes of users. The watch offers a total of 13 collocations in 4 models, ranging in diameter from 29 mm to 41 mm. All styles incorporate and echo the aesthetic design elements of the Heuer 02 chronograph of the TAG Heuer Carrera series officially launched last year. The appearance design of TAG Heuer Carrera series is exquisite and modern, showing the classic and pure aesthetic style. All models are made of stainless steel case, 12 of which are equipped with a stainless steel bracelet, and one with a leather strap, with black, blue, white and silver dials to choose from, and they are all embellished with the new Carrera logo. The stainless steel bracelet adopts an innovative new “H”-shaped bracelet design, which is more ergonomically designed and brings a more comfortable wearing experience. Swiss Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watches

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