Top Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Aston Martin DBS Edition Watch CBG2080.FT6165 Review

TAG Heuer and Aston Martin are not the first to cooperate. Based on Carrera Hueuer 01, to celebrate the partnership with Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer, Aston Martin launched the striking special edition of the DBS Superleggera TAG Heuer. This stunning sports car is built to luxury specifications and is available in Monaco black paint and red lines, with a limited edition of 50 units worldwide. Each sports car is equipped with a TAG Heuer TAG Heuer limited edition watch – Carrera series Heuer 02 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera special edition (CBG2080.FT6165). Top Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Watches This exclusive timepiece is driven by TAG Heuer’s self-made Heuer 02 self-winding movement, adhering to the brand’s commitment to Swiss avant-garde craftsmanship, offering a hexagonal pattern hollow dial inspired by DBS grille and simulated DBS carburst. Black embossed calfskin strap. Like the sports car, the watch is embellished with red details and is limited to 50 pieces.

DBS Superleggera is the perfect choice for working with TAG Heuer. The Aston Martin Super GT is a 5.2L V12 twin-turbo engine that combines style and power with modern materials and precision craftsmanship. This model offers an unforgettable driving experience and superb gear acceleration, with innovative aerodynamics and eye-catching curves. Replica Tag Heuer Watches Reviews Aston Martin DBS Superleggera nicknamed “Wild Gentleman”, perfect style, engineering excellence, strong performance. The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera special edition features Monaco black paint and satin black carbon fiber roof, rear view mirror, vents, blinds, splitter and spoiler.

Custom specifications include satin black 21″ double spoke wheels, Pirelli P Zero tires with red lines and red brake calipers. The front fender is decorated with the TAG Heuer TAG Heuer badge, which highlights the special identity of this model. Designed, DBS Superleggera features black leather and Alcantara seats, red lines, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer custom stitching and logo. Swiss Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watches Carbon fiber and dark chrome trim highlights the clean lines of the cab. It is reported that Aston · Martin DBS Superleggera TAG Heuer special edition is priced at £295,000.

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