Top Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Fragment Limited Edition Watch CBK221A.EB0171 Review

In 2018, Fragment Design Studio and watch brand TAG Heuer announced a collaboration to launch a joint model. Fujiwara Hiroshi claims that there is a standard for joint names, “I go for joint names if I like them, not because you like me.” For the co-branded model with TAG Heuer, Hiroshi Fujiwara chose the very important “Carrera” Carrera in the history of the brand. In 1963, TAG Heuer launched the “Carrera” Carrera series. The name of the “Carrera” watch series is the same as Rolex’s “Daytona”, which is taken from the American motor sports track. Because it was aimed at motorsports, chronographs of this type usually had a complicated “Telemetre” tachometer printed on the dial to measure the average speed of the car.Top Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Watches

At that time, the size of watches was small, and the diameter of men’s watches was generally below 36 mm. There is a tachymeter on the dial, which will undoubtedly appear very bloated, and it is not conducive to normal time reading. So Rolex transferred the tachymeter on the original dial to the outer bezel, and the “Daytona” series was born. At the time, Mr. Jack Heuer, the CEO of TAG Heuer, thought of printing the “1/5” second chronograph on the metal ring used to fix the acrylic crystal. In this way, not only can the measurement accuracy of the chronograph watch be improved from the original 1 second, but it also does not have to increase the complexity of dial printing. Ever since, TAG Heuer’s “Carrera” series came out. The back uses a transparent design, and the table mirror also has a double lightning mark and the words Fragment. Through the sapphire back cover, you can see the self-produced Cal.1969 movement inside.Replica Tag Heuer Watches Reviews

Fujiwara Hiroshi continued the most classic design of “Carrera”, with 50-200 numbers printed on the outer edge of the dial, used to measure objects with a speed of 50-200km/h. The original acrylic crystal has been replaced with a synthetic sapphire material, and the metal ring used for fixing is marked with a “1/4” second chronograph scale. Such a basic design will make the whole watch relatively simple and capable, without the sporty feel of Rolex Daytona. The 4 o’clock position on the dial is marked in English by Fragment Design Studio. The entire dial adopts the main color of black and white, with black as the bottom, white on top, and black and white are distinct. The luminous of the hands and scales is specially made and has a brownish yellow color. The dial is simple and clear. The finishing touch is the stamp of Hiroshi Fujiwara, the master of stamping. The double lightning mark is placed on the dial at 12 o’clock. And TAG Heuer still gives face, allowing lightning to be marked on top of the Heuer logo to make it more prominent.Swiss Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watches

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