Top Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Automatic Skeleton Mens Watch CAR2A1Z.FT6050

We know that the traditional Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Automatic Skeleton Mens Watch CAR2A1Z.FT6050 case is called integrated case. Integrated case is generally divided into three parts, that is, Glass + case + bottom three layers, and then with the crown, buttons and other parts to form a complete case. While the modular case on the basis of this will be the middle of the case split, including the bezel, the middle case, lugs, as well as the bezel and the case between the cushion.Tag Heuer known as the 12 modular case, the basic composition of these components. In TAG Heuer before, in fact, Hublot already have such a modular case, these two brands are LVMH Group, so you replica Tag Heuer Carrera watches

The final form of this modular case is by splicing, just like the Lego toy, can be free to assemble. For example, this year TAG Heuer Heuer 01 is a timer, next year may launch a junior three models. It is only necessary to replace the middle of the case with a no time button button module can be, the rest can be fully used. In this way, each case module can be carried out on a large scale production, thereby reducing costs. The good news is that these costs are fed back to the consumer, saving about 20,000 people for the consumer budget.Replica Tag Heuer Watches

In fact, I am very concerned about the modular case of waterproof performance, also asked TAG Heuer and Hublot related colleagues, said that will not affect. The reason is that watch water is generally through the table mirror, the bottom of the table and the crown button, but the modular case does not change in this, it will not affect. There is also a place that I think is more worthy of respect than saving money – if a part of the case is damaged, do not have to replace a whole new case, just put the damaged part of the module can be. On this point, I have been confirmed from the Hublot, not nonsense yo. A case design, when the purchase price is cheap, after the sale can also account for the price is cheap, really is a pleasure it.Swiss Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watches


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