Top Replica Tag Heuer Autavia GMT Watch 2446 Reivew

When it comes to antique sports watches with a second time zone function, I believe many people think of the Rolex Greenwich model in the first place. However, there are many other famous timepieces that are equally memorable in history, such as the TAG Heuer Autavia GMT watch. The one shown in this article was produced in 1970 and belongs to the second generation of Ref. 2446. Its red chronograph hands, huge sub-dial, and fluted buttons are very distinctive.Top Replica Tag Heuer Autavia Watches

The TAG Heuer Autavia GMT watch combines multiple characteristics in one. In addition to GMT, the watch also has a chronograph function, which is also the two most popular and practical functions. This watch is driven by the improved Valjoux Caliber 72 movement, equipped with a large case with a diameter of 40 mm. Even by today’s standards, this size is very suitable for wearing. The black dial is set against the white sub-dial, combined with the red chronograph seconds hand and GMT hand, which provides a sharp contrast and excellent readability. The bezel is in red and blue, also known as the Pepsi circle, and is decorated with a 24-hour mark. It is worth mentioning that the original Gay Frères bracelet adds the antique charm of the 1970s to the watch, which is a finishing touch.Top Replica Tag Heuer Autavia Watches

It may be possible to find the Autavia GMT watch in good condition, but in comparison, we prefer this one in the picture. It may not be perfect. Those flaws, scratches and fading not only give a retro feel, but also prove that this watch is very popular with the owner. In other words, the watch was originally intended to be worn. If an antique watch is almost never worn and is in a brand-new state, it will naturally be favored in the collection market. And like this TAG Heuer Autavia GMT watch introduced in this article can return to the essence: worn on the wrist, with you for life.Swiss Tag Heuer Autavia Replica Watches

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