Top Replica TAG Heuer Autavia Chronograph New Watches Reviews

As a list of highly sought after collectors, this 60 years by the legendary drivers wearing the TAG Heuer Autavia chronograph watches will return in 2017 glories. Autavia by AUTO Mobile and AVIAtion two words abbreviated, is rotating the bezel, oversized scroll plate and classic black and white color synonymous. This was born in 1962, the brand of classic now into the new upgrade features and proprietary self-movement to the new retro appearance to celebrate its 55th anniversary. A new generation of Autavia series watch design avant-garde at the same time loyal to the original, and fully demonstrated the golden age of the car spirit. As the original pioneer, this contemporary style of new works from 2016 an unprecedented “The Autavia Cup” large-scale online selection activities stand out: by more than 50,000 friends vote, in the 16 retro style watch Get the overwhelming success of the Autavia “Rindt”, it is the famous F1 driver Jochen Rindt wearing a re-engraved.Top Replica TAG Heuer Autavia Watches

A new generation of TAG Heuer Autavia watch inherited the previous generation of simple and powerful lines, will be the future of the collector’s heart, and in the re-interpretation of the retro face into the modern style, to the current world closer. “Big head button, groove crown, TAG Heuer logo and imitation calfskin strap to add a rough sense of the watch. Also in the past did not have the date window and sapphire crystal bottom cover to add modern elements. The coating shows the antique time-like old luster, and the strap suture phase printed with a follow the Jack TAG Heuer developed the “1 / 3-2 / 3” golden rule, carefully developed a new retro style can be from the minute The interval between the tracks is clearly demonstrated, greatly improving the legibility and precision.Replica Tag Heuer Watches Reviews

The return of the Top Replica Tag Heuer Autavia watches dates back to a large unique online event “The Autavia Cup” held in the spring of 2016. The purpose of this activity is to convene the trademark of collectors and fans, and together with the watch experts to discuss, the final vote for a retro watch as Autua logo carved inspiration source. The new generation of Tag Heuer Autavia is not only the classic watch style engraved reproduction, while conveying the TAG Heuer and the racing of the deep roots and respect for the car, but also added the TAG Heuer iconic precision and excellent features, show the The new look and brings modern features and mechanical devices. Full of legendary timeless style reveals the rugged temperament of the retro chronograph favorite fans. Tag Heuer Autavia series watch is the 20th century 60’s F1 hero’s exclusive timepiece, its classic image along with the legendary drivers body fuel, tobacco and adrenaline taste, eternal record of this fascinating world.Swiss Tag Heuer Autavia Replica Watches

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