Top Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 M China Football Association Super League Special Watch WAY201E.BA0927 Reviews

Swiss pioneer watch brand TAG Heuer once again open ICON big challenge activities, enjoy the release of vitality, wantonly swagger! May 26, TAG Heuer with a new upgrade version of the ICON challenge debut Jingdong headquarters, which is following the official stationed in Jingdong Mall in 2015 reached a full range of e-commerce cooperation agreement with Jingdong Mall starting Super League special watch, Tiger TAG Heuer once again with the Jingdong strong combination, in an unprecedented way again collided, the common experience of football stadium ride and sub-seconds fight! Tiger King Ya, China Sales Director Mr. Wang Lin, Jingdong Mall clothing business unit general manager of the business, Ms. Belinda and guests to attend the event site, more personally challenge the new project. More worth mentioning is that the pioneers to help the big challenge of the two players is not a professional football player, but the field of basketball all-powerful Beijing basketball player Zhai Xiaochuan and Liaoning men’s basketball player Zhao Jiwei.Top Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches

The new design of the ICON challenge all highlight the football stadium and the timing of the world of integration and contact – multiple modules to undertake each other, football game challenge area, camera area, watch display area, historical interactive area and so on show TAG Heuer in the movement of blood genes, telling the brand and the charm of football! More exciting is that the challenge of the big challenge is TAG Heuer global brand ambassador international football star Cristiano Ronaldo, if the challenger can successfully challenge the record of C Luo, in 10.1 seconds to complete the task, both as a challenge to success And will receive the exclusive gift Teng TAG Heuer gift, when the fearless challenge of Jieao nature and tenacious struggle of the high-spirited fighting spirit was instantly lit, the charm of football Brigadier will swept the whole capital!Replica Tag Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer to “under the weight of fearless” pioneer spirit, in the current increasingly fierce competition in the future, continue to practice innovation and breakthrough, relying on Jingdong this highly influential business platform, the brand And young consumers close connection, again and again to achieve a better, more groundbreaking, more pioneering spirit of cooperation. The new challenge in the Jingdong trip will be the event of TAG Heuer’s enthusiasm for football and the support of the Chinese football career through the Jingdong vitality of the platform to pass more love the younger generation of football!Swiss Tag Heuer Aquaracer Replica Watches


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