New Top Replica Tag Heuer Connected Red Watch Review

Time, record life, precipitate changes; time, witness history, nurture hope. As the Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer Honorary Chairman Jack Heuer said: “Time never stops, we will never stop.” On the occasion of 520 in 2020, TAG Heuer presents the new TAG Heuer Connected smart watch in red Demonstrate the enthusiasm for life and the courage to dare to challenge, embody faith in action, and move forward in the torrent of time. Red is a symbol of passion, vitality and victory. Striking red is not only seen everywhere in motorsports. In the 160-year history of TAG Heuer, from brand logo to dial design, and even brand partners, red has always been a classic element of the shadow, showing TAG Heuer’s relentless pursuit of product performance , And continue to challenge the limits, the courage to be innovative and persistent. Red is also a symbol of love, courage and determination. Decorate the gift with life-filled red, link it with beautiful blessings, and convey luck and joy.Top Replica Tag Heuer Connected Watches

On May 20th of this year, TAG Heuer gave the TAG Heuer Connected smart watch a new meaning in red, with a red strap to add surging passion to life. This new generation of smart watches adheres to the tradition of pure watchmaking. It combines the exquisite elegance of the chronograph with a personalized digital experience oriented to adapt to multiple sports and life scenarios in a unique way. The dazzling red strap is the wearer’s strap. Here comes more enthusiasm for life, injecting vigour and faith. The watch uses a 45mm stainless steel case, echoing the unique design, precious materials and exquisite craftsmanship of the traditional TAG Heuer chronograph, including the representative faceted lugs, polished and brushed details, ceramic bezel with scales And the central rotating crown on the side and two functional buttons.Replica Tag Heuer Watches Reviews

The OLED dial design draws inspiration from the brand’s timing tradition, watchmaking process and timeless design genes, and provides 5 options, and can further personalize each dial, such as selecting red elements to meet individual unique styles and needs. The design of the watch is based on high-intensity activities. With advanced sensors, including a new non-medical grade heart rate monitor made of high-tech resin built into the bottom cover of the watch, it records golf, running, cycling, with high accuracy. Activities such as walking and fitness are also optimized for calorie burn tracking. The built-in GPS can measure the user’s position during the exercise and calculate different sports performance indicators. With the new custom-designed TAG Heuer sports app, TAG Heuer Connected smart watch wearers can directly track their activities through the watch and browse the speed, stride, distance, heart rate, and split time displayed in real time in the sports app Key indicators, and an overview can be viewed in the TAG Heuer sports card. Through the TAG Heuer mobile app, users can obtain detailed analysis of relevant sports performance, and even synchronize this data with Apple Health or Strava.Swiss Tag Heuer Connected Replica Watches

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